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Our Mission is to provide you and your guests a one-of-a kind experience of luxury cigars that will set your event apart from all the rest!
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Going somewhere?

So are we.

Hand in hand with you wherever you tread!

Cigar Stud specializes in Destination Events, meaning we take the life of the party wherever you decide you’re going to host it.

You live in Miami, but you and your buddies are getting together for a celebration somewhere else in South Florida. No problem, we got you covered!

Turns out you want to host that big ole birthday in California, so everyone is flying out there from different locations. No problem, we got you covered!

Your daughter’s ‘Quinceañera’ deserves somewhere exotic, like the Bahamas or Puerto Rico. Heck, anywhere in the Caribbean… No problem, we got you covered!

Your wedding party is in New York, nowhere near Miami, cause you all fare from there. But you still want the cigar rolling experience. No problem, we got you covered!

The corporate event where your workforce will re-connect around your core values is happening up in some distant mountain resort. No problem, we got you covered!

Yes, Cigar Stud is headquartered in Miami, but we have designed our premier cigar rolling service experience to be absolutely movable, replicable and deployable. We go wherever the client chooses. We want our clients to be able to sample the flavor all over the US, even abroad! First, we connect with our curated network of ‘Level 9’ Rollers and Cigar-Baristas spotted throughout the US and vicinity foreign locations, wherever you choose. Then, we personally fly over to them for a fun interactive experience you will never forget.

Reminder: cigar rollers will hand-craft perfectly rolled cigars for your guests, while cigar baristas are there to enliven the party, guiding you and your guests in serving, cutting, lighting, and selecting the best blends for you. We offer custom packages to perfectly convey the theme of your party, whether it’s a wedding, a reunion, a corporate event, a birthday party, etc.

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