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Our Mission is to provide you and your guests a one-of-a kind experience of luxury cigars that will set your event apart from all the rest!

We are Miami’s Premier Cigar Rolling Services, offering our clientele Premium Boutique Cigars that are meticulously hand crafted “live” at your event.

Offer your guests the opportunity to participate in a fun interactive experience! Our Cigar Roller crafts perfectly rolled cigars while our Cigar-Barista assists in cutting, lighting & guiding each guest to select the best blend. We offer custom packages that will reflect your wedding theme.

Your guests are able to indulge in an array of exquisite, hand rolled premium cigars. They can witness as a “Level 9” Cigar Roller crafts a perfectly rolled cigar just for them. We also offer a fun interactive experience with our Cigar-Baristas whom will serve, cut and light their cigars and for those whom would like to know more, our Cigar Baristas will be ready to engage with your guests with their wealth of knowledge and experience.

1442 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33135