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Create An Unforgettable Celebration Experience

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Tick- tock! The holidays are upon us! The flurry of events, parties and gatherings among friends, families and coworkers have begun and this is great, unless you are the one

Understanding Cigars: What You Need To Know Before You Light Up

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Every cigar aficionado started out as a beginner who had no idea what they were doing. Most cigar habits began with mere curiosity and maybe a desire to look as

Cigars and Weddings: Why It’s a Perfect Match

  7.06.2019   cigarstud   Ideas   No comments

A wedding needs to have the right balance of romance and fun. Though it may sound unusual, incorporating cigars at your wedding is a great way to add more fun

Cigar Etiquette for Beginners: How to Smoke a Cigar Like a Pro

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Good cigar etiquette sounds like a simple thing but it can make a difference to those around you. Smoking a cigar seems pretty straightforward. Light one end and then take

Creative and Inspired Ways to Include Cigars in Your Wedding

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There are many ways you can entertain your guests and turn your wedding into a more unique and engaging experience. If you’re interested with cigars and fine tobacco, consider creatively

Dad Day: Father’s Day Gift Experiences Dad Will Surely Love

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They’re stern but warm; a bit distant but caring nonetheless. Your dad is your anchor. He deserves the best gift on Father’s Day. And the best present isn’t material, according

How to Roll Cigars Like a Professional

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There is nothing more splendid than a perfectly hand-rolled cigar. A cigar connoisseur knows that, while there is a time and place for machine-made cigars, a hand-rolled cigar is the

Epic Bachelor Party Ideas the Whole Crew Will Enjoy

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As the best man, you’re assigned to be the groom’s right-hand man and personal adviser before, during, and after the wedding ceremony. This position also requires you to throw a

Cigar Rollers Are the Highlight of Every Old Hollywood Decade Party

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Here’s how to pull off the dashing, debonair look, according to Rhett Butler, one of Old Hollywood’s most celebrated characters: clean-cut, slicked-back hair (no sideburns), an expensive, bespoke suit, and

It’s a Cigar Kind of Day

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Smoking cigars with family, friends, or on one’s own provides that opportunity to escape and simmer in our down-time. Really, the important point with this is that we should defend people’s right to pleasure-seeking. There are many reasons why people smoke cigars and to relax is just one of them.

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